Friday, 11 October 2013

Biped Egg

Quick Z sketch from a recent google hangout, the theme was food and monsters.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

35°17 SOUTH - Interactive theatre project video

Here is a taste of what the project was like on the ground, as Tony Oakden who made the game with me said when watching it unfold on the day it really was like a view of what gaming could be in the future when AI improves. The actors did a great job and surpassed the expectations I had.

35°17 SOUTH - Interactive theatre project from needs glue on Vimeo.

35°17 SOUTH - Interactive theatre project UI

So here is a snap shot from a resent project, was meaning to post it but things have been pretty busy.
This was some UI work I did for a recent live action interactive theatre and game event that was run in Canberra. I ended up doing a lot more work on  sorting out the gameplay and game design loops which was a nice opportunity but as a result there was a lot of art in a short time frame to get done. The game also featured AR light gun games and all sorts of things.

Will link to a video I filmed on the preview day since I think it was certainly something you had to see.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Skull Test

A quick skull study to get my hand back into digital painting, I have decided I really have to put some time into my digital painting and digital illustration just as I did in the past with traditional media so going to try and do some grey scale tonal studies this week, at least one a day.
Now that I am teaching it is making me look more at the areas I have kind of ignored for the past couple of years so I will be doing far more fundamental studies amongst my work.

Will try to post some break down shots of a modular environment set I have been building to demonstrate different aspects of environment art too.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Drottningholm Slottsteater Fun Times (still rolling along)

Still getting more done on the Drottningholm Slottsteater, here are two working shots from the editor with diffuse materials disabled.
Almost have the majority of the mesh done so just have to do walls with the detailed panels and the seating balconeys and stage panels, have my workflow mostly sorted now after struggling with lightmap UV errors when exporting FBX.
Have had fun learning the camera system, will have some nice fly throughs when done.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Ma.K. S.A.F.S High detail done

My high detail model for the SUPER ARMOURED FIGHTING SUIT designed by Kow is done, getting game ready asset done now after going back and fixing some mesh, thinking I may get it running in cryengine3 since the free SDK is now available.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Drottingholm Slottsteater Slowly Advancing and THE FUTURE

The Drottingholm Slottsteater is still coming along and I should have a bit more time to get this stuff done soon. All very basic blocking still with temp unwraps, lighting and textures for the core assets, all starting to work though so adding in the rest of the scene quickly then will polish everything.
Lots more to fill out the the space though and trying to stay relatively true to the source material.

Keep getting distracted by my other planned projects though, have initial blocking and breakdowns for two more scenes though.
1. Nausicaa scene from the Miyazaki film of the same name.
2. Brilliant exterior scene by the artist  Tatsuyuki Tanaka.

Will unwrap and texture my low res SAFS soon too... Maybe I should just get one of these projects finished to tick something of my list of 'to do' items.