Sunday, 23 June 2013

35°17 SOUTH - Interactive theatre project video

Here is a taste of what the project was like on the ground, as Tony Oakden who made the game with me said when watching it unfold on the day it really was like a view of what gaming could be in the future when AI improves. The actors did a great job and surpassed the expectations I had.

35°17 SOUTH - Interactive theatre project from needs glue on Vimeo.

35°17 SOUTH - Interactive theatre project UI

So here is a snap shot from a resent project, was meaning to post it but things have been pretty busy.
This was some UI work I did for a recent live action interactive theatre and game event that was run in Canberra. I ended up doing a lot more work on  sorting out the gameplay and game design loops which was a nice opportunity but as a result there was a lot of art in a short time frame to get done. The game also featured AR light gun games and all sorts of things.

Will link to a video I filmed on the preview day since I think it was certainly something you had to see.