Wednesday, 13 July 2011

S.A.F.S Vimeo 360 test

S.A.F.S High Poly 360 from needs glue on Vimeo.

Uploaded a 360 to vimeo to see how this internet thing works.

S.A.F.S Pilot

Amongst everything else I finally got around to working on the pilot for my Maschinen Krieger tribute.
Just a quick sculpt but should be enough given he isn't really the focus, already started on the low res so should have some more on it soon.

Drottingholm Slottsteater in UDK baby steps

I have been pretty busy recently but I am catching up on some of my personal projects now.
Haven't used UDK in years so it is great to really get into it with this theatre project, these are some shots of my blocking out in game with a test bake done.
Feeling pretty good about how to get the most out of UDK now so back to polishing all the individual assets.